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B2B Wholesale Art Supplier/Dealer to Hotels & Condos in the Philippines


Custom Wholesale Art For Your Brand

Featuring the Finest Prints & Frames

. Next generation art is more than just pretty visuals. You need art with a presence that you can feel outside the borders of its own canvas frames. You need art that interweaves seamlessly with what your brand is all about. 

. Allow us to help you with your soft decoration strategies and ensure maximum immersive experience within your space. 

. DATY Art Manila helps supply you with wholesale original works and framed art pieces to help you achieve your design vision. We distribute art with the finest qualities and energy down to the thinnest brush stroke.

. We supply to hotels, condominiums, and other projects that require massive scale art pieces within a short amount of time. Our team of experts can churn out original art at great speeds without sacrificing quality. 


We supply all kinds of wholesale art decor, prints and framed paintings.

Oil Paintings

High quality handmade oil painting art to add texture to your facade

Acrylic Paintings

Odorless and light acrylic art that last the test of time

Mixed Media

Using different media to create one unique piece of art for your interiors

Watercolor & Chinese Ink

Inspire ephemerality with watercolor and traditional Chinese ink strokes

3D/Metal Art

Feature rustic art that literally pops out from the walls


Variety of different frames to go with the theme of your interiors


Wholesale Art Decor & Prints
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